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20 Creative Scrapbooking Storage Solutions

20 Creative Scrapbooking Storage Solutions: Store Your Images - Store your prints in archival photo boxes to keep them in perfect condition while they wait to be scrapped. Create tabs for each topic or time range, making it easy to return to later.

Two weeks ago, I started an exploration of lesser-know filing systems with the Noguchi system. This method, devised by Japanese economist Noguchi Yukio, utilizes manilla envelopes and the frequency wi

The Pile of Index Cards (PoIC) system (Unclutterer)

Hawk Sugano has devised a system he calls Pile of Index Cards (PoIC). It’s a combination of a "brain dump" (emptying one's mind of all important information by writing it down), long-term storage for reference, and David Allen’s GTD method.

Scrapbook cookbook. I am going to make one for myself with my favorite recipes. When my daughter grows up, I'll give it to her at her bridal shower :)

Great Gift Idea - Scrapbook Style Cookbook - Put your most used/favorite recipes in a scrapbook cookbook and give to a Bride as a shower gift. Or, put together family recipes for your children.

Gelli Plate Printing Extras! (Part 1) Altered Book File Cards The following demonstrations are bonus techniques from Gelli Plate Printing by Joan Bess, copyright 2014

Amy Jones--from Gelli Plate Printing bonus techniques by Joan Bess: Altered Book File Cards

3 x 5 index card binder chevron recipe holder by ArtBySunfire, $9.00

3 x 5 index card binder, chevron, recipe holder, daily journal, index card holder with a set of index card dividers

3 x 5 index card laminated binder, turquoise weathered barn wood, journal diary, recipe binder, index card holder with  tab dividers @artbysunfire

3 x 5 index card laminated binder, turquoise weathered barn wood, journal diary, recipe binder, index card holder with tab dividers

I think this is wonderful as many of Amelia's flash cards or memory card game boxes are definitely a torn mess! I would add labels or some identifying picture (ABC, 123, Animal, etc.) on the outside so she could easily pick out the one she wanted to play with/work on.

Flash Card Organizer

From another poster: Flash card organization. Great idea can be used for task cards, game pieces, to hold letters for build a word activities and the list could go on

Custom Index Card Holder Binder 3x5 4x6 Christian Bible Verse (mais no link)

Custom Index Card Holder Binder Christian Bible Verse (mais no link)

4x6 index card folder tute - totally cute! would be great to make one for menu/grocery shopping - add tearoff grocery list pad and pocket for coupons.

4x6 Index Card Folder Tutorial - Amanda Hawkins

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. This school year I am anticipating a lot of flash cards. My youngest will begin on the journey of learning to read, which means lots of sight word practice. I thought it would be a lot of fun to make a note card/ flash card holder...

Duck Tape® Flash card Holder