#IceMan by @LieSetiawan

Iceman version of the card , done for DenaGames for the game Marvel war of heroes ©DenaGames and ©Marvel Liesetiawan


Robert Drake (Earth-295)

Sinister Iceman Art by: Jerome Opena Did you know that Iceman was an X-men in the Age of Apocalypse but once he came to the regular time stream he switch sides ?

Iceman AKA Bobby Drake

Iceman by Karl Kerschl jacklazer: “ Iceman by Karl Kerschl Ready for some more Trial of Jean Grey?

X-men Costume Redesign: Iceman and Beast by Hiroki8 on DeviantArt

X-men Costume Redesigns *The art style is based on the work of mr Phil Bourassa for the Young Justice TV Series