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How to turn a cardboard box into a pinata

Piñata de caballo paso a paso,reciclando materiales

Piñata de caballo paso a paso,reciclando materiales

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Horse pinata for pony party. 2 Cereal boxes, 3 balloons & paper towel rolls, masking tape & newspaper to bulk up areas.

Horse Pinatas (Each)

Horse Pinatas - 21in (Each)

Our Horse pinata is sure to cause a stampede of excitement! Show your wild side with this fun Horse pinata.

This horse pinata is perfect for any party. 7"W x 21"L x 17"H This Pinata is the traditional style, so get out your Pinata bat and blindfold and get to the swee

Horse Pinata

Horse Piñata maybe i dont need to make a papier mache horse to lasso - cant let kids kit it as a piniata tho !