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Dump A Day 20 Do It Yourself Spring Time Ideas / Make your own sprinkler any size you want using cheap pvc Materials

Sprinkler fun for kids! All you need is PVC, a drill, and a hose! Not just for kids. Can make your sprinkler work for those odd shapes in your yard.

Simple Garden Sprinkler out of inground popup sprinklers

Simple Garden Sprinkler Out of Inground Popup Sprinklers

Make this for the toddlers? I want to do this for me! Using a sheet, packaging tape and a fan make an air fort for your kids.

24 Fun Toddler Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

Welcome to the diy garden page dear DIY lovers. If your interest in diy garden projects, you’are in the right place. Creating an inviting outdoor space is a good idea and there are many DIY projects everyone can do easily.

Summer water activities for the backyard: PVC Sprinkler by Lindsay & Drew

The coolest summer water activities for the backyard. (Pool? What pool?)

IMG_5307.jpg  homemade sprinkler, for next summer!

KidWash 2 : PVC Sprinkler Water Toy

KidWash: PVC Water Sprinkler by discontinuity, instructables Water_Sprinkler_Toy Water_Toy Kids DIY instructables discontinuity

DIY Sprinklers for Kids...great for end of year parties and summer water days!

DIY Sprinklers for Kids

DIY Sprinklers for Kids -Cool off with these creative ideas!- Fantastic Fun and Learning. Fun summer activities to beat the heat

My dad made us one of these when we were kids. I thought he was a genius because that was WAAAAY before Pinterest!! - homemade sprinklers

PVC Sprinkler = Summertime Fun

Summer fun for about $10 and an hour of labor.  Just be sure to make it in such a way that you can drain it at the end of the summer.

KidWash: PVC Sprinkler Water Toy

PVC Sprinkler Water Toy - how smart is this? 10 bucks worth of materials from the hardware store will bring lots of joy this summer. :) TWIST use a couple of pipes and plastic streamers as well, call it a "car wash" and ride bikes through it.

The Crafty Blog Stalker: What Can You Make with a Pool Noodle?

What Can You Make with Pool Noodles

Backyard Sprinkler Park « Event Horizon looks like a ton of fun on a hot day!

Homemade sprinkler..I bet the kids would get a hoot out of this#childhoodmemories

Pinner says, "FINALLY A PIN THAT WORKED AND WAS AWESOME! Take a 2 liter soda bottle, and poke holes in it. Hook your hose up to it, toss over a tree branch (we made our own since no good branches nearby) and turn on the water!

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DIY Splash Pad: 7 Genius Hacks

Take a 2 liter soda bottle, poke holes in it. Attach to a garden hose. Toss over a tree branch and let hang for a kids water sprinkler. You can loop it over a tree branch and let kids bat it around for more watery fun!

Soda Bottle Sprinkler

Soda Bottle Sprinkler