10 Formas de hacer la carta de amor más romántica de la historia                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

10 Formas de hacer la carta de amor más romántica de la historia

This is absolutely adorable. <3

The most unexplained photos that exist…

awwww, i have never felt so sad for fire and water until now :,(

Amoroso pero Doloroso mini cuento de Amor de dos osos de peluches que se conocen. Uno trata de ayudar al otro que estaba lastimado y le entrega todo, pero el otro oso de peluche lo lastima, haciéndolo sufrir la misma historia por la cual pasó a quien rescató.  http://yeow.com.ar/?p=1644

<< That's a lie! The bear with the bow treated the one that was all takes apart and lived it and then away abandoned!

#wattpad #poesa Pequeños pensamientos que tengo en distintas situaciones que me encuentro, pequeñas historias de amor y tristeza.

Mostrando El Alma - Quieres ser el amor de mi vida?

Quiero confesarte que me enamoré de ti. I want to confess that I fell in love with you.

Me and my daughter got to meet Charli XCX who's song appeared on The Fault In Our Stars movie. It was my first time winning tickets on the radio! It wasn't what I expected but what makes it much more meaningful was I later fell in love with Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Me and my very special babygirl got to meet the artist of the main soundtrack to the most amazing movie in the world. Okay? Okay. ♥

12 of the Most Heartbreaking Lines on Love

Heartbreaking love quotes from movies and TV: The Fault in Our Stars. This is like my favorite part in that entire movie.

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