Hippie couple kissing at Woodstock Music Festival. NY, 1969.

Hippie Couple Kissing at Woodstock Music Festival -Location: White Lake, NY, US - Date taken: August 1969 - Photographer: Bill Eppridge

SUGARHIGH+LOVESTONED, {REMOTE LOOKBOOK}  photography: bliss katherine braoudikis   ∆   models: ashley krantz, sean mcvey & bliss braoudikis  styling: ashley krantz   ∆   h+m: peggy wright

MARMALADE SKIES Sugarhigh+Lovestoned {remote lookook} Photographer: Bliss Katherine Braoudikis Models: Ashley Krantz & Sean McVey & Bliss Braoudikis Styled by Ashley Krantz Hair/Make-up: Peggy Wright

1970s was all about love...being in love, being a couple and emanating love <3

“The secret of love is seeking variety in your life together, and never letting routine chords dull the melody of your romance” - Anne Finch

Elder Hippies enduring through the years . . . How incredibly sweet!

Steven and Ina May Gaskin of The Farm, TN. I may be wrong but I believe the Gaskins were one of the few hippie groups that were not led by a narcissism, religious distortions, personal compulsions or the corrupt pursuit of power.

waking up together...#couple

“Sunrise is for lovers. The sweetest air possible. My heart is so full Waking up to this view, with this guy ✨”