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Heston Blumenthal's Lemon Tart Recipe

Heston Blumenthal’s carbonara

Heston Blumenthal’s carbonara

Heston Blumenthal’s triple cooked chips - Don’t be tempted to fry the chips only once, the key to a deliciously crispy and golden chip is in cooking them in three stages.

Heston Blumenthal’s triple cooked chips

Name: Heston Blumenthal's Garden Salad with Sauce Gribiche • Description: "Gribiche is a classic French sauce similar to tartare. It traditionally accompanies fish and chicken, and can also be used as a dip for chips or scotch eggs. Here, though, it forms the base layer of a miniature edible garden, complete with vegetables that appear to be bedded in soil." — "Heston Blumenthal's Garden Aalad with Aauce Gribiche Recipe", The Guardian (Retrieved: 4 February, 2014)

Garden salad with sauce gribiche recipe

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carrot (or beetroot or tomato) lollies. Photographs Heston Blumental at Home, by Heston Blumenthal, published by Bloomsb.