HESTIA - Goddess of the hearth and of the right ordering of domesticity and the family; she was born into the first Olympian generation and was one of the original twelve Olympians. Some lists of the Twelve Olympians omit her in favor of Dionysus, but the speculation that she gave her throne to him in order to keep the peace seems to be modern invention. She is the first child of Cronus and Rhea, eldest sister of Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera, and Zeus.


"Elements - Fire" by Cassiopeia Art. ah, another flaming beauty. I find a lot of beauty in the element of fire itself, and artists who take it and put it into a piece of artwork are a really big inspiration to me.

Hestia Goddess of House Fmily Greek Statue by marblecreations82

This is a unique marble cast statue of the goddess Hestia. statue has been carefully hand worked to the last detail and quality of both the first material and the work are excellent.

Diosa griega de Virgo: Hestia

Diosa griega para cada signo zodiacal, ¡descubre la tuya!

Diosa griega de Virgo: Hestia

Hestia - rules over the hearth and home. Her name comes from the Greek word estia meaning "she that dwells or tarries." This reflects the importance of the role that the ancient Greeks attributed to this Goddess in sacrificing her position as an Olympian to guard the fire and maintain a happy home.

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths: Hestia, Greek Goddess of the home, hearth, and fire.

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Hera, Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage ~ wife to Zeus and mother to most of the Olympian gods and very revengeful and jealous of the women Zeus loved. Roman name: Juno

Greek Sculpture

Acerca de la diosa griega Hestia

Acerca de la diosa griega hestia

Grecian Goddess, Greek Gods

Hestia was the first-born of all the Greek Goddesses. She is the Goddess of the hearth flame and temple flame, and at every public or private ritual, the first offering was always made to her. Upon marrying, a new bride would carry fire from her mother's home to the new, symbolizing the Goddess's presence blessing her new family. Hestia is the symbol of the sanctity of home, of home as temple and refuge, and of the fire of life contained within each place that honors her.

Digital Art by Perla Marina

Flame Witch: ~ "The Fire Caller," by PerlaMarina, at deviantART.