Herb Spiral: Step-by-step Instructions for how to build one

How to Build a Rock Garden Herb Spiral -

The Sacred Herb Spiral, complete with standing stone and sacred pool

Sacred Gardening through the Three Druid Elements – Designing Sacred Spaces and Planting Rituals

Double spiral garden for herbs.  Space saving, beautiful raised beds using no dirt, just sands and composting materials to create new soils.  Check craigslist and freecycle.org groups nearby for free used bricks or stones to build it.

Herb spiral double design I must avoid my Mum who is making an extra herb garden for the mint moths, moth in fact

An Herb Spiral with directions on where to put what herbs!

An Herb Spiral

An Herb Spiral is a simple way to improve your kitchen garden. Spiral of rocks, bricks or what have you encloses soil where many kinds of herbs are planted. It is an easy way to accommodate herbs t…

How to Build a Herb Spiral

How to Build a Rock Garden Herb Spiral -

How to Build a Herb Spiral

Making a Herb Spiral

Proprtionate Spiral to size of herbs. Flagstones stacked on cardboard to kill the grass + weeds.

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Wonder DIY Spiral Herb Garden

Espiral herb m maravilha bricolage espiral jardim de ervas (Diy Garden Ideas)