Helen Rose costume sketch of Debbie Reynolds for The Tender Trap.

Idée manche + organza Dress designed by Helen Rose for Debbie Reynolds in “The Tender Trap”, 1955

Costume sketch by Helen Rose of Elizabeth Taylor in Rhapsbody.

This is a sketch of a film costume I own! Helen Rose - Costumes - Esquisses et Croquis - Rhapsodie - ElizabethTaylor - 1954

Costume sketch of GRACE KELLY's chiffon embroidered gown, designed for the film "High Society" (1956) by MGM costumer Helen Rose (who also designed Kelly's wedding gown).

for grace kelly in high society. original pinner wrote that this gown was designed by edith head. it was actually designed by helen rose. helen rose designed grace kelly's wedding gown as well.

Grace Kelly’s Wedding Headpiece, 1956, designed by Helen Rose and made by the wardrobe department of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Grace Kelly's Wedding Headpiece 1956 Medium: Silk needle lace (rose point), seed pearls, wax and paper orange blossoms, wire frame.

Helen Rose costume sketch of Debbie Reynolds in "Hit the Deck"  Debbie Reynolds - The Auction Finale Day 1 - Profiles in History

Helen Rose costume sketch of Debbie Reynolds in "Hit the Deck" Debbie Reynolds

Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra in High Society (1956) the engagement dress #CostumeDesign by Helen Rose.

Amazing Grace: Fifties icon's timeless style is celebrated as spectacular wardrobe is displayed for the first time

Grace Kelly Frank Sinatra High Society 1956 ~ Grace Kelly's last feature film before retiring from acting. Kelly, recently engaged to Prince Rainier of Monaco, wore her actual engagement ring for her character's engagement ring.

The Best of Everything  Costume sketches by Helen Rose

Costume Designer, Helen Rose designed the lavish, dance routine costumes, as well as Ms Crawford's elegantly sophisticated dress ensembles.