I don't know where you are You'll have to come and find me Find me

Domingo en fuego means,"Sunday on fire." There's a lyric in Migraine that says,"Sunday's are my suicide days.

dat booty

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Memes de Twenty Øne Piløts ME imagino la cara de Jenna y me M-E-O. bueno me da penilla

If the Lord let's me... I promise!!  Meghan Trainor - Like I'm Gonna Lose You ft. John Legend - YouTube

‘I screamed’: Meghan Trainor pulls music video after realizing her waist was altered to appear smaller

Omg this reminds me of all those americans that can't speak Spanish for shit

icocoon: “ tyler and his hypothetical children will be the death of me ”

SUICIDE SQUAD - Heathens: Twenty One Pilots (Lyrics+Sub.Español)

twenty one pilots' song "Heathens" with footage from the trailers of "Suicide Squad" by Warner Brothers Pictures. All rights go to twenty one pilots and Warn.

This is why I love twenty one pilots...

ive never said it like that, so blatantly and in such a blunt matter, but thank you. (if you see this joshua william dun youre cute and ilu date me pls just kidding youre way older than me i still love you tho)