Harry Potter nursery alphabet 8x10 prints.. $12.00, via Etsy. Oh my gosh.

Harry Potter nursery this is how my children will learn the alphabet! There teachers be like "A is for Apple!" and my kids will correct her because, clearly, they are wrong!

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6 to 14 inch Letters Wood Cut Out Unfinished by AllysCustomArt 6 to 14 inch Letters Wood Cut Out Unfinished Wooden Letters Harry Potter Font Custom Wall Hanging Above Crib or Bed Movie Inspired Name

Harry Potter alphabet poster .... A is for Alchemy, B is for Broomsticks ... film prop that hung on baby Harry’s nursery bedroom wall at Godric's Hollow house of his parents, by design team MinaLima (Eduardo Lima and Miraphora Mina)

The Harry Potter factory: inside JK Rowling's favourite room on Earth

From Quidditch posters to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, design team MinaLima made the fantastical props for every Potter movie. Roll up muggles – and take a trip inside their magical lair

harry potter alphabet series.

Starting on October the day of Lily and James Potters sacrifice, I will be posting a new illustration in a series of 26 (an alphabet series). Harry Potter alphabet All finished

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