Close-up of Hapkido/Aikido grips

Close-up of Hapkido/Aikido grips Master Self-Defense to Protect Yourself

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Because throws and takedowns are ubiquitous in Hapkido, there is a lot of emphasis placed on learning to fall without injury. Nak bop or breakfalls are trained in almost every session.

So THAT'S how you spell those phrases! I can pronounce them, but spelling is just too difficult lol

My black belt instructor was using some of these terms, and I had never heard some of them (I know Joonbi and that kinda thing) and I was SO confused

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A Dose Of Motivation

la única persona a quien trato de superar es a mi misma!! :) motivación frase BJJ I am free

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The Benefits of Martial Arts #fitness

Here is a "short" list of all the benefits you can have from practicing Martial Arts. Martial arts can be tracked back to the most ancient civilizations.