Hans Zimmer In His Studio (7 part video series below) AUDIO KORNER. I LOVE THIS MAN!!

This picture fits on the 'Genius' board, because this man is a genius, musical, and intellectual.

Composer extroadinaire Hans Zimmer's studio. This is something ridiculous.

World famous composer Hans Zimmer's (Batman, Inception, The Lion King) studio. Very inspirational space.

Hans Zimmer. German.  Film Music Composer. (Inception, The Dark Knight, The Lion King,  Man of Steel,  Interstellar)

Interview: 'Modern Warfare 2' composer Hans Zimmer

film composer quotes

What makes a good film composer? We delve deep into the minds of the greatest movie soundtrack writers with these inspirational quotes

Hans Zimmer - Inception - Time (Piano Version)

Hans Zimmer - Time (Piano Version) - The music that accompanied the writing of The Almond Tree