Chris Evans

I will not objectify Chris Evans.I will not objectify Chris Evans.I will not objectify Chris Evans.

Young Tom Selleck.  All. Man.

Tom Selleck in the THEE only guy to EVER pull off chest hair and a mustache. Let that be a lesson boys - if you're not Tom Selleck, shave and wax.

Tom Selleck looks good with chest hair…unfortunately, you do not. Laser hair removal available at our office.

When I die, I want you to cremate me and throw my ashes in Tom Seleck's mustache and chest!

Only one ingredient to remove the hair in intimate parts? Does this sound unrealistic? We all know how difficult and painful may be to apply this cosmetic procedure and unfortunately how often you should do this!

Remove Unwanted Hair In Intimate Parts Forever With This One Ingredient!

Mark Ruffalo-scores extra points b/c he's not afraid to be photographed with chest hair.

Poster boy for disheveled underachievers (that oh-so-hot artsy hobo-esque sub-category of Bohemians and Poets,) Mark Ruffalo.

Well, are you pregnant yet? | 29 GIFs That Might Get You Pregnant

There's a photo of Tom Selleck in this portfolio has the same body, position and underwear as this guy. Tom's head was photoshopped.

Colin O'Donoghue (Stud from the show: "Once upon a Time", and plays Captain Hook..

Thirsty Thursday – Colin O’Donoghue

Colin O'Donoghue is so hot! I remember someone complaining about having a gorgeous Captain Hook on OUAT… I don't understand people. I got plans this man and his hook.

Bradley Cooper | The 23 Most Important Hairy Celebrity Chests Of All Time

Bradley Cooper

O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time I've ever wanted to lick my screen :P

Henry Cavill: "Man of Steel", I forgot how BIG he had to get for that movie.~~~~~I liked the man of steel and Henry Cavill but I just am not attracted to big guys.

Juan Ibanez 06 by quemas on DeviantArt

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