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Tiny Moss, Mushroom and Fern Terrarium Necklace: By WoodlandBelle Wouldn't these be sweet as Christmas favors?

Henri Matisse - Three Bathers, 1907 - The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Henri Matisse, Les trois baigneuses (Three Bathers), oil on canvas, x 73 cm, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Our wedding favors! Itty Bitty Terrariums by TortoiseLovesDonkey on Etsy

Three Itty Bitty Terrariums

studio violet

studio violet

Daily Etsy: MijbilCreatures | Blog | GirlyBubble

Red Riding Hood pendant miniature terrarium in by MijbilCreatures

New Zen. Garden. Stone Top. Air Plant. Marimo Ball. by MyZen

New! Zen. Garden. Stone Top. Air Plant. Marimo Ball. Unique. Terrarium

Moss Terrarium Woodland Mushroom Brass Locket Necklace Toadstool Wonderland. $125.00, via Etsy.

Woodland Terrarium Brass Locket Necklace: Toadstool Wonderland - so cool!

Terrarium Necklace, Terrarium Pendant, Gnome Terrarium, Mushroom Terrarium, Nature Necklace, Gnome House Terrarium

You can buy these little glass bottles in the beauty section, at Dollar Tree, they come with nail glitter in them.

Free Shipping Miniature Terrarium Necklace Live Moss by GypsyRaku, $10.00

Terrarium Necklace - Free Shipping - Live Moss with Tiny Raku Fired Glow in the Dark Ceramic Mushroom - Live Jewelry Handmade By Gypsy Raku

Cute miniature terrarium necklace with raku fired GLOW IN THE DARK ceramic mushroom with small accent stones. This is a LIVE moss terrarium.

Terrarium Necklace with pearl  Moss Vial by Woodii on Etsy, $40.00.

Terrarium Necklace with pearl - Moss, Vial