steak cake.....this looks so real, I did a double take!  Great birthday cake idea for the guys in your life!  Daddy would die... :)

T-Bone Cake Debbie Goard There’s nothing better than cutting into a nice, juicy steak…except maybe cutting into this weirdly realistic T-Bone cake.

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Dramatically Gorgeous Wedding Cakes

Grooms Cake Design Ideas | Groom's cake pictures, ideas and designs 3 - Wedding and birthday cake ...

Truck Tire Grooms Cake fondant covered truck tire with chocolate molded tools, nuts, bolts. THanks to all the cc inspiration and help when.

Vintage Car Cake | Classic Bel-Air car cake — Birthday Cakes

Classic Bel-Air Car Cake We made this cake for a gentleman who loved the Chevy Bel-Air. The plaque is run-sugar on buttercream.