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Thank you to everyone who instigated me to open the mouth I never knew I had!Ain't no stoppin' it now.

Which is why so many settle for less.  No thanks.

Girls are afraid to be alone, women revel in it, using it as a time for personal growth.


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You cant make someone be ready for what youre ready for..

Ain't that the truth!I will not participate in silly games. I'm a grown woman who prefers a grown man.

..sometimes u just outgrow them..its just life*

The past couple of years has taught me well! Sometimes you just get tired of the immaturity of people and have to cut ties.

Knowing who you are how hard you've worked to get to this point and absolutely loving yourself for the man/woman you've grown to be should always exude high confidence. It's not cockiness or not being humble because you know what you put into becoming this person and what you're willing to do to continue growing and evolving. You know that God blessed you along the way therefore you know it wasn't all you. But never I say never sell yourself short in having the high confidence in yourself…

I can be confident now. because I admit who I am, I admit my struggles & am proud of all I've overcome and become.