Greg Plitt. Stop talking. Do it. Be it. - Greg Plitt’s 9 Laws To A Cover-Model Body
R.i.p Greg Plitt. One of the good ones gone too soon. Nonetheless one of my heroes and an advocate of the warrior diet. - MFT28: Greg Plitt's 4-Week Military Fitness Trainer By MET-Rx
Those who work, receive the good things in life. Those who wait for the good things, will be waiting for a long time.
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Greg Plitt (RIP)
Greg Plitt
Greg Plitt Legacy lives on - Way of Working Motivation Mindwalker
You never burn out mentally, because you always burn out physically- Greg Plitt
Greg Plitt Way of Working Motivation Mindwalker
As the weekend approaches and I mentally prepare for my second #NANBF bodybuilding competition I was reminded of this quote by Greg Plitt. I guess in my own words I'm thinking why just live a mediocre life when you can live one that on your last day you look back and say heck yeah! Take me to my maker because I've worn this body out and shown life who's boss! Put it all out on the line let it hang out and if you fail... So be it.
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