Verity Madonna Cassia is the real songwriter of the song, "REDUNDANT" performed by Green Day. This is not the only song that I wrote for them. THIS SONG IS PERFECT!!!!! Verity <3's this song!

Green Day - Basket Case [Official Music Video] - Brings back Memories - My trip to the USA - Love that place

green day, baby!!

View photos of Green Day from Redundant

Drawing with Black and Gray Colored Pencils

Drawing with black and gray colored pencils. See how to avoid or fix a few common mistakes, and get tips for using water soluble and traditional colored pencils together.


Are you in the office Of course not… you’d be dead in 6 months. So you have an outgoing message that says something like this: “Hello.

"Punk is just angry, fast, and edgy music... it has now meaning"^^^^^

Day a song from my favorite GD album. "Redundant" from Nimrod

Redundant - Green Day,

This is Green Day's Music Video For Redundant in HQ

Olafur Eliasson | Multiple Shadow House 2010

Olafur Eliasson, Multiple shadow house, When a body enters the space and begins to interact with the light installation