So cute. I love dogs, this one is especially adorable. (KO) He has lovely, flowing lips! Very precious pup!

World's biggest dog is really a softy

Giant George chats with SheKnows -- from rumors of his dating life to his first-class lifestyle, the World's Largest Dog spills all the beans!

Out of my 56 years I have been blessed to be owned by four Great Danes. This looks like my Jasper Jazz. He was the love of my life! He passed away at 10 with lung cancer. I miss him everyday.

merle great danes are the best! merle great danes are the best! merle great danes are the best!

Beautiful picture. Wish my dog would sit still long enough for me to snap one like this!!

Originally said "Grey Weimaraner." I say no way, definitely a blue dane puppy. Check out those feet!

and his name will be "Poseidon" <3 I can't wait until he's mine.

More About Harlequin Great Danes

The Great Dane breed is as lovable as it is big. Despite their great size and their original purpose of hunting large boar, Great Danes are quiet and delicate, and have been called Gentle Giant. The Great Dane dog breed is a hunting breed developed in-

Wow!  Like Irish Wolfhounds ~ Great Danes are gentle giants! This guy's watching animals planet. :)

That's a huge dog! Harlequin Great Dane, My son Jordan loves his baby named "Roscoe" & the bond between them is amazing. One of the coolest dogs I've ever met. Really is a gentle giant.

This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.... lots of smiles too! I miss my sweet boy *sigh*

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Blue harlequin Great Dane puppy 7 weeks old

Great Dane - Patient and Friendly

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