THIS post is for those who love graffiti art designs & who are a bit confused to bring these street wall designs at home . AFTER seeing the below images i am sure you will become more confident in painting these unique designs to your walls .NOT everyone will prefer to paint these designs butRead more


Scroll down and take a look at the Gorgeous Indoor Graffiti Designs That Will Blow Your Mind. You are going to love the way the graffiti bring excitement to any room.

Snake Ranch

# 4 colour inspiration: dark colors used in tatttos and graffiti. not a fan of the 'tag' but this and graffiti art always spices up the neighbourhood!

Graffiti Wall wall mural living room preview

Graffiti Wall Wall Mural

Stunning Graffiti Wall wall mural from Wallsauce. This high quality Graffiti Wall wallpaper is custom made to your dimensions.

"Panic Room", designed by French graffitti artist, Tilt, for Au Vieux Panier - a hotel in Marseille

6 Unique Rooms in Hotel Au Vieux Panier

Graffiti Codes Expresses Itself Better Than QR Codes

Graffiti Codes Expresses Itself Better Than QR Codes

The Aedis: Street Graffiti as Interior Art?

beautiful contrast between the angular lines and sober colors of the floor and wall and the vibrant colored, flowing lines of the graffiti