1950s photos about segregation that need to be seen today

Gordon Parks' Photo Essay On 1950s Segregation Needs To Be Seen Today

Gordon Parks was an American photographer, film director, writer and composer. He directed “Shaft” and co-founded Essence magazine. He was the first black photographe…

Eartha Kitt photographed by Gordon Parks for Life Magazine.

Singer Eartha Kitt riding her bicycle down the street, New York, 1952 (Photos by Gordon Parks)

Gordon Parks, "Boy with June Bug, Kansas, 1963"

Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks, "Boy with June Bug", Fort Scott, Kansas, 1963

Gordon Parks Photos of Poverty | Life and death in Harlem: Tragic photos that depict a family saved ...

Life and death in Harlem: Tragic photos that depict a family saved from 60s slums... before their father accidentally killed two of them

“I choose my camera as a weapon against all the things I dislike about America- poverty, racism, discrimination.” ~Gordon Parks

Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks was an African American photographer, musician, writer and film director. He is best remembered for his photographic essays for Life magazine and as the director of the 1971 film, Shaft.

Untitled, New York 1956...like the color. it's faded, washed out, and fits the "scene." also like the dress and how it bells out into the middle of the frame/shot. very "british"--it evokes a time and place...

Untitled, New York 1956

Gothe Evening Ensemble, photo by Gordon Parks outside the Hotel Pierre, New York City, 1957

At Segregated Drinking Fountain. Mobile, 1956. Gordon Parks's Alternative Civil Rights Photographs - NYTimes.com

A Radically Prosaic Approach to Civil Rights Images

At Segregated Drinking Fountain, Mobile, Alabama, 1956 © Photo by Gordon Parks, The Gordon Parks Foundation

blackartdepot:   Gordon Parks - Black Muslim Protest, 1963 (via)  And it still must go….

loveandfolly: “ vintagegal: “ Gordon Parks - Black Muslim Protest, 1963 (via) ” Fifty one fucking years and look where we are… ”

The image is striking: A stone-faced African-American woman in a spotless maid’s uniform cradles a white toddler while a stylishly dressed white woman sits nearby. Gordon Parks took the picture at the Atlanta airport in the spring of 1956. (Photo: Gordon Parks)

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