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Asian women who smoke are the most wickedly sexy goddesses on the planet and they know it. Is there anything hotter than an asian goddess who loves using her insatiable need for nicotine to bring us to our knees?

Gong Li photographed by Jean-Marie Périer.

Gong Li photographed by Jean-Marie Périer. >>> She's who I have in mind for Runxian, a grandmother and merchant's wife who finds out something devastating about her husband on the eve of the Japanese takeover of Nanking.

Gong Li (Photo © Nicolas Guérin) #profile #portrait

Gong Li: “People keep pushing me to be the center of attention… I would prefer to be on the sidelines, because that’s where you see more.

Chinese actress Gong Li  http://www.chinaentertainmentnews.com/2015/08/actress-gong-li-covers-marie-claire.html

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