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Mask Helmet,Gladiator Helmet,Predator Helmet,Lion Sculpture,Ancient…

"What any man dares, i would dare. Come at me like a rugged Russian bear, an armor-plated rhinoceros, or a fierce

"Gladiator" movie concept drawings

multi-arms sword man@HAOooooooo采集到机械机甲(114图)_花瓣极客

Gladiator Boho Barefoot Sandal-My Beachy Side

Gladiator Barefoot Sandal

Inspired by the iconic roman gladiator, this barefoot sandal is perfect for our Beachy Girl Army! A single row of circles ay flat from toe to knee for a edgy look unlike any gladiator sandals you've s

Tall Gladiator Sandals

An interesting (and definitely modern) adaptation on gladiator sandals are those that extend to the knee. They are now for fashion, not function, and are a statement piece. Ankle gladiators are also popular.