The coloring of this reminds me of your house (book in front of face minus the short skirt)

Reading as a Writer

An engrossed model couldn't put her book down before the Kai Kuhne, Myself Spring 2006 fashion show during Olympus Fashion Week.

Jess had her nose stuck in a book as usual. She didn't hear what the other girls were planning, if she had she might not have gone to the party that night, she might have lived

cool 180+ Top Spring Summer Fashion Style Ideas 2017

180+ Top Spring Summer Fashion Style Ideas 2017

Girl lays on sofa reading in front of epic bookshelf

14 People Who May Love Books More Than You Do

Soon after I found my love for reading and writing I couldn't put books down. I would read in the mornings on the bus, at school, on the bus on the way home, at home for homework or I would read to just simply enjoy it. Even though I had loved to read I would still not read out loud because even though I could read fine inside my head, it wouldn't be "fine" when it cam out.


So sweet ... I want a room like this.  The background through the window reminds me of Prince Edward Island ...

20 Art Prints to Encourage Reading

Picture Books in Winter – Illustration by Jessie Willcox Smith from A child’s garden of verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1905 says, Nice idea; still too much snow (not to mention freezing temperatures) here.

The Best of Bookish Art from Tumblr

☺ mileshyman : Girl reading in lawn. Miles Hyman In Hyman studied drawing at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. After forays into music and archaeology, Hyman chose to devote himself to drawing and painting and became a full-time visual artist.