30 Inspiring Best Friend Quotes #Best Friend #Quotes

30 Inspiring Best Friend Quotes

I'd never say this to her but it's true, yet she acts like I was the one who walked away. C

"This was me and Arce a while ago but no matter what we remain Bestfriends we good now<<we thought we made up, but something separated us again." The girl who posted this wrote this and I wish we never separated

My gay best friend. Always have and will...... and now also a straight girl I find hot as hell that I met recently.

I am in this predicament at this very moment. it& the worst feeling knowing no matter what you do you can& have the one thing you want most.

I'm hoping for something that's not gonna happen and I hate that I can't move on

Still hoping. For one more chance. I'm so stupid, see you talking to another guy and I instantly get jealous. thought that I had you. Makes me cry:(

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This especially applies for me. because i do NOT normally tell people my problems I have to trust you a lot. & I don't trust people very easily so if I tell you my problems. You are EXTREMELY important to me!

Whoever wrote this is awesometastic!! This really makes me feel appreciative of beauty from the inside although beauty from the outside is cool too!

This is beautiful in itself: She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines, No she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul quote

My best friend gave me this quotes and I cried again and again each time I read it... Because this is just me... I can't seem to let him go and we fight and we broke up and he call me and say that he loves me and I would forgive him.. That everything happen   all over again

I never understood those girls who would want to stay with someone who hurt them over and :'(