Learn 3 ways to get a thicker ponytail.  We love this firey red ponytail on @eksnagustenko!

How to Get a Thicker Ponytail: 3 Ways

Obsessing over how voluminous and luscious this hair is! Want to know the trick? The best curls are done on dirty/unwashed hair! Grab one of our curling wands and tease away!

Karen Gillan's hair is made of magic                                                                                                                                                      More

Tendencias coloración 2016: ¡deja que el color se te suba a la cabeza!

Trendy Pumpkin Spice Hair! Photo gallery and video tutorials! | The HairCut Web!

Buttercup's hair was "the color of autumn," and this red-gold, called "pumpkin spice," seems pretty close.

my ronze ombre hair! Are you looking for ginger hair color styles? See our collection full of ginger hair color styles and get inspired!

45 Copper Red Ginger Hair Color Ideas

Proof That Red Hair is the Ultimate Fall Hair Color, in 31 Pics ...

Proof That Red Hair is the Ultimate Fall Hair Color, in 31 Pics ...

RED hair is this seasons biggest hair trend. Call the salon on 0207 486 9661 to book your colour app

Gabrielle Temple is the youngest full member of Avalon at the age of fifteen and she works as a spy by the code name Gabriel.

You might have given up pigtails when you gave up wearing those little pajamas with the attached feet. Well, onesies for adults are huge, so why shouldn’t pigtails be?