Ghost world

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Enid y Rebecca son dos amigas que afrontan la exploración del no siempre agradable camino a la madurez y el incierto futuro de su compleja relación. Daniel Clowes recoge una historia tierna que captura los temores mundanos y las tragedias cotidianas de dos jóvenes que ya no son niñas, pero que tampoco son aún mujeres

Ghost World (2001)

Which Fictional Ghost Is Your Secret Soulmate?

Which Fictional Ghost Is Your Secret Soulmate?

Enid is very similar to the "artist who doesn't see a future if she stays in the town/situation she is in"
Channeling my inner... Enid - Ghost World.
Ghost World// i love the scene in Ghost World at the end when Enid is waiting for the bus. It would be perfect if there wasn't a flashing light in the apartment window in the scene
this is so bitchin' :)Ghost World Art Print

Ghost World Art Print

Gimme all your money bitch
Ghost World's Enid speaks the truth.

21 "Ghost World" Quotes That Defined Your Adolescence

Ghost World, Daniel Clowes... That Roy Lichtenstein guy is alright, but sometimes the real comic book artists make the best pop art... the Ghost World comic was made into a very good live action movie, which got an Oscar Nomination for best screenplay.
Camiseta Ilustrada de Enid de Ghost World (Unisex)
My favorite line from my favorite movie--Ghost World