Quarz 974 Light (free font)

Quarz 974 Light (free font)

Today I wanted to share these two beautiful fonts I found. They are both simple, clean, modern and absolutely stunning! Razor Free Font by Jeff Schreiber. QUARZ 974 Light (free font) by Domenico Ruffo.

Les enfants de la Bolduc by Philippe Cossette, via Behance

Minimal Type Design by Philippe Cossette Very modern, simple, creative; created varieties, using only one half circle shape and three colors, draws inspiration from the Circular Bauhaus typeface.

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I keep on finding this alphabet poster over and over, I absolutely adore the colors and treatment. It is definitely so fresh and modern. Make sure to check out Tim Fishlock, he is amazing.

CW <3 took me a long time to get the concept of creating these by hand~Cubic alphabet by Svetoslav Simov.

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Geometrica Sans Free Typeface

[Freebies] Geometrica Sans Free Typeface is what we can have today! this regular weight is coming from Geometrica Sans Type family. This typeface is a geometric san serif font designed using the most basic shape of geometry.

Geometric Font by fieldtreasure                                                                                                                                                      More

This is a geometric font that I created myself. I tried to use only simple shapes to create each letter, and the Nutcracker guy is just something cute I.

Illusive by Petros Afshar, via Behance yessssssssssssss. My heart hurts. Crafty!

Illusive by Petros Afshar, via Behance Flat Illustrative Style + Display Type. So good I can't decide which category to put this in: Typography, Design, or Fine Art?

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5 Fonts gratuites et créatives pour enrichir ses créations !

20 Free Geometric Fonts to Download                                                                                                                                                     More

20 Gorgeous Free Geometric Fonts to Download

The free fonts collected here are designed using the geometric shapes. Their smooth clean lines create a sense of completeness in design.