New piece by TomSicko @ Bodycraft, Nottingham, UK

Playstation Piece by TomSicko @ Bodycraft, Nottingham, UK /u/The-Flying-Hellfish

Nerdy tattoos!! Love it!!

Nintendo NES tattoo with Tetris, Packman ghosts, Mario mushroom & game pad on girls leg

I choose you: Others have gotten tattoos of motifs like pokeballs...

Gotta ink 'em all! Pokemon Go fans are getting TATTOOS of the monsters

After the success of Pokemon Go, the game and television show has been thrust back into the spotlight. But some people have been fans for years, even getting Pokemon tattoos.

25 Amazing Video Game Tattoos Gallery - by Ink Done Right

25 Amazing Video Game Tattoos

Great Fallout Tattoos On Chest for Boy

Fantastic Fallout Tattoo Ideas With Meaning For Men and Women. We Are Come With a Another Post Of Fallout Tattoos For You Because We Love It.

Power Gamer - by Runic Fenrir

Brands you use: This represents my love for EA games because when I turn the power on to play then that is me being me.

Bioshock tattoo. Love the game and the symbolism of freedom. A man chooses, a slave obeys.

Would You Kindly Bioshock Chain Wrist Tattoo is a part of Bioshock Chain Tattoo gallery, and If you like this image take a look at some more tattoos