10 Ways to Organize Your Board Games - 101 Days of Organization

Put all of your loose game pieces like dice, jacks, scrabble letters, etc. into glass containers. Not only will this help keep them organized, they also make cute decor for your games!

Store and organize board games with a repurposed hanging sweater rack! Great idea they take up so much space!

25 Genius Organization Hacks

Shortage of space or just to be organized with video game controllers, remotes, ect.

51 Game-Changing Storage Solutions That Will Expand Your Horizons

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 27: Organizing Board Games, Video Games and Puzzles - Organize 365

Organizing Board Games, Video Games and Puzzles - Organize 365 -

Use a cheap soap box to organize cards, instead of rubber bands. Easier for kids to organize themselves.

50 Brilliant, Easy & Cheap Storage Ideas (lots of tips and tricks)

50 Genius Storage Ideas ~ Use cheap soap box holders to organize cards, crayons and other toys! The soap box one would help organize my activity box

This a great idea for our house games!  And for my demos.  Oh, wait.  They're the same thing! 15-Minute Fix: Living Rooms

Declutter Your Home - Fast!

Fix: Living Rooms Games and Puzzles Stacked board games and puzzles are an invitation for crashing piles. Fix the potential storage disaster with a rubber-coated wire pan rack. The slots will keep boxes upright and easy to grab.

ORGANIZATION GAME CHANGER! Use Project/Document Cases instead of Binders and Hanging Files! You won't ever look back! | Classroom Organization

Kiss Your Binders and Hanging Files GOODBYE

For The B Girls' school work - NO MORE messy hanging files and bulky binders! It's a game changer for classroom organization! Use project or document cases to organize your classroom essentials.

11 Ways To Finally Get Your Board Games Organized (and card games)


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Top 10 Closet Organization Ideas

Store and organize board games in a hanging sweater organizer. Never thought of this. Good idea if you have the closet space.

14 weeks of organizing your whole house. I have been doing this. It is amazingly thorough (but admittedly difficult for perfectionists who want to get it all done at once and can't).

Start with week 14 weeks of organizing your whole house. This is really thorough! (I'm particularly loving the game storage idea)