дневник дизайнера: Спальня серого цвета или 50 оттенков серого в вашей спальне!

Delicate shades of brown and pearl suitable for processing bedrooms. These colors create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the room where you will gain strength.

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❤️ Please pin the most beautiful pictures showcasing shades in this color palette. Please pin quality over quantity. Lets keep it artistic. Please no runway models, bags, shoes, or earrings.

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On the background of warm red and orange, turquoise, an initially cold color, acquires a warm, gentle tone. This palette is perfect for a living room

bleu sombre, bleu gris, beige, grège... Gamme colorée très chic

Master - Cold colors of light gray, white, blue, and dark blue go together just perfectly. This combination of colors is perfect for decoration of rooms, located in.