Temporary Tattoo Watercolor Solar System Sun Moon by Siideways

Temporary Tattoo Watercolor Solar System Sun Moon by Siideways This would be pretty cool as a permanent tattoo

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** I like the design of the planet and colors, not so much the trees, keep the colors and planets going where the trees are **

galaxy tattoo

Mighty Galaxy Tattoo for Forearm. This forearm piece is definitely eye-catching.

Key to galaxy tattoo

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Beautiful Moon with Water-colored Galaxy Tattoo. Galaxy colored theme and galaxy’s element, this tattoo is truly galaxy inspired.


No matter your style, never forget that a tattoo is permanent, so be sure you think about the design carefully. The best thing regarding these tattoos is you can have any variety of colors done, on the body component of …

Would love a watercolor galaxy tattoo

A universe/nebula half sleeve/full sleeve. I want to see the finished sleeve! If I were insane enough, I'd love to have a full nebula sleeve.

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Watercolor tattoos in most associated with gentle, soft colors and light splashes of paints. But Chilean tattoo artist Adrian Bascur chose some other use of watercolor techniques.