I'm feeling fabulous, happy & healthier than shit (how I felt when I ate dairy & meat...shit) being vegan is the ultimate way to live

animal fats clog up your arteries .reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, gout, obesity, joint pain . by eating a plantbased diet

I said this today! A nut ball snacky thing at costco had butter. WHY!?

(The meat industry IS the dairy industry…) Reading ingredient lists is eye-opening!

and it effects your overall physical & mental health...

and it effects your overall physical & mental health. It's not liquid, its serum. Specifically, to pass on immunities to the calf.

"Just make sure you're getting enough iron, OK." – Your mum.

16 Things That Will Inevitably Happen When You Become Vegetarian

Well, present them well cooked veggie dishes. They'll never say "ew" again

Worst question to ask a vegan

6 Cruelty Free And Vegan Sunscreen For Healthy Skin This Summer!

When someone asks you for vegan recipes but you just throw random plants together and fucking love it / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle / veganism

The dog meme for when you need to prove that owning three dogs is really no big deal.

I'm pinning this one because I thought it was funny.  The people who know me have all been tactful and polite about my dietary choices, even when they expressed concern about my nutrition.  My husband has been a champion of awesomeness about it.  I rarely meet up with a rude person, but when I do...

Things Every Vegan Has Heard