Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan | 32 Parents Who Nailed It On Halloween. @conniejhamilton this is hilarious

32 Parents Who Nailed It On Halloween

Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan! i'm dying! This is a must do halloween! (maybe toddler girl for mama, baby boy dan, and you forrest- .maybe, point being so many possibilities!

Cutest 80′s Workout Girls Couple Costume for Toddlers - 3

Cutest 80's Workout Girls Couple Costume for Toddlers

this could quite possibly be the best Halloween costume for a kid EVER...or an adult!

32 Parents Who Nailed It On Halloween

lafawnduh - Kip from Napoleon Dynamite and other Costumes they are too young to understand. (Weenies guide to exploiting your children for Halloween.

Aujourd’hui, je vous propose de découvrir quelques idées de costumes pour petits et grands enfants faciles et rapides à faire soi-même parce qu’il ne reste vraiment pas beaucoup de temp…

30 idées DIY de déguisements pour enfants

A Rabbit coming out of a hat.BEST funny kids costume round up! Wow this is just TOOO darn cute ! Change pink to blue or red for baby boy

bum halloween costume, awesome! You could have a lot of fun with this!

29 DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

Funny kid costume - love this and would work for a boy or a girl (with or without the beard) who loves her candy (*cough* Bella)

Baby Prince LOLOLOLOL Buzzfeed thank you again. @Wendy Sivertsen - why did this make me think of you?

23 Kids Who Are Totally Nailing This Halloween Thing

No, not _that_ kind of Prince. View "Baby Prince Costume is Adorably Accurate" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor