DIY Colorful Crochet Wool Scarf |

DIY Colorful Crochet Wool Scarf

BACON SCARF!! I need more yarn. I have like 8 people I want to make this for! :D :D

Free Pattern Tuesday – Bacon Scarf

Reeves - do we need to make one of these for your friend who always asks for bacon? Ravelry: Bacon Scarf pattern by Drunken Aunt Wendy

Elephant Tissue Box Cover Free Crochet Pattern

[Free Crochet Pattern] Adorable Elephant Tissue Box Cover To Add A Touch Of Glitz To Your Home

Nobody move...I just dropped my crochet hook!

Funny Minion Quotes Of The Week

PROTEST PROJECT! FREE CROCHET PATTERN - Promoting Breast feeding, feminism, breast cancer awareness, and topless equality!  Boobie Bra crochet pattern by Julia Huth (it's also darn funny)

This is my protest boob bra.) Use it for breast cancer awareness, feminism or just laughs!

Funny Crochet Memes - The Friendly Red Fox

Finding Joy in the Journey with Motherhood, Crocheting, Crafting, and Cooking.

crochet humor dangerously

Crochet Bill Boards

I used to live dangerously and not use stitch markers but now I love them! I thought they were for cheaters. I’ve seen the error of my ways AND I came across Happy Hooks.

This is a pattern to crochet your own Donald Trump Voodoo Pincushion.

Donald Trump Voodoo Pincushion pattern by Katrina Stiff