We are for cute and healthy snack ideas! The kids will love this fruit turkey and it will keep them satisfied until the real turkey is done!

Baked Chicken Alfredo Ziti

Signature Fantastic Fruit Platter - picture ideas on how to make up fruit trays, veggies trays, meat trays, etc. for catering.

Eat the Rainbow I know there are a few fruit lovers amongst youso here's one from my birthday weekend.so simple and easy to throw together, just choose all your favorite juicy fruits, and get creative! Anything goes What would be your fav fruit to put

Strawberry Roses

These would be perfect embellishment for a cake. Learn how to cut strawberries into roses. Check out this tutorial!

This spread's just for YOU. You killed it these past three days! Treat yourself and keep an eye out cause we'll announce the winners tomorrow! Hanks for the /earthyandy/ by sambazon

Greek U's 6 Sorority Recruitment Tips

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about yangmai? Chances are you never heard of it.There’s a whole world full of fun and tasty fruits. Try our Top 10 Exotic Fruits that will give your taste buds a jolt! (the sent is fruity)

Mexican Style Fruit Plate with Chili Lime Salt

Mexican Style Fruit Plate with Chili Lime Salt - Sugar and Charm - sweet recipes - entertaining tips - lifestyle inspiration

Sunburst Fruit Salad — Drizzled with a creamy honey-citrus sauce, our artfully arranged fruit salad recipe almost looks too pretty to eat.