Freddie Mercury Last Days | Freddie Mercury - His last days

Freddie Mercury Last Days

pics showing Freddie in his last days.

"I never heard him go “This is really awful. My life is shit. He was an amazingly strong person." — Brian May on Freddie Mercury’s last years of life

Freddie mercury

november Freddie Mercury lost the battle against AIDS. november we never forget him and his voice. Freddie Mercury lives and will live forever.

When Freddie Mercury is singing you shut up.

For Ezra.who's just "discovered" Queen :) (except everyone is allowed to sing their hearts out to Bohemian Rhapsody)

Brian May and Roger Taylor on Freddie Mercury's Last Days

Brian May and Roger Taylor talk about Freddie's last days. About his illness, harassment of reporters and their last moments with him. Taken from the BBC documentary Queen: Days Of Our Lives.

Resultado de imagem para freddie mercury father

Resultado de imagem para freddie mercury father

Who wants to live forever?...and who can rock the open shirt and tight suit better than Freddie? Painting Process This painting was hand-inked and tinted with bright watercolors with a wet-into-wet te

Freddie Mercury of Guadalupe

Day of the Dead Art -- Freddie Mercury of Guadalupe by David Lozeau (commissioned tattoo design)

I got: Somebody to Love! What Queen Song Are You?

What Queen Song Are You?

Somebody 2 love / I just want to get out of this prison cell / Queen