Recycled formula cans

Formula cans covered in ribbon and hot glued to the fridge ! Im think maybe hot glue a strong magnet to the can so there isn't glue on the fridge?

Easy Piggy Bank Tutorial | A simple and easy instructions on how to make a piggy bank. Perfect for teaching your child to save money! #DIYready

DIY Piggy Bank Tutorial made from an old formula can. Now I have a use for all those formula cans I want to hoard.

making a remote holder from a baby formula container

making a remote holder from a baby formula container. I& gonna try this with a nesquick container I& been saving for years, shape would hold our 2 remotes perfectly.

Got empty formula cans? Take those used baby items and repurpose them into works of art with these easy DIY craft ideas.

Do you like to save money? Does your baby go through formula like it’s going out of style, leaving you with a dozen empty containers?

Rock Covered Bucket - Handimania

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