Fondo de pantalla :3

You know what makes me so proud? That have earned their way onto a list of bands like this. But they still aren't punk rock>>neither are the vamps.

Dr Martens lace-up boots -

18 Must Have Grunge Accessories and Clothing

Cartel Rock al parque 2015 on Behance

A rock poster can only be made better by adding a skull. This is of course a design rule, known by the pros and written in bone. This skull poster was created by Illustrator and Art Director Juan Camilo Corredor from Bogotá.

Best. Trailer. Ever.  World (VIDEO):

Cyberpunk 2077 (VIDEO) + Cyberpunk 2077 – Mike Pondsmith About the Cyberpunk…

star trek

I Illustrate Pop Culture Characters In Funny Situations

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