Folk costume of Tuuteri, Russia (Karelia)

FolkCostume: Rekko costumes of the Karelian Isthmus and Ingria. Maybe we need to come up with the official folk costume for Madison's Isthmus. Of course today, it would need to include down and a balaclava.

Variations of Ukrainian bridal costumes. #cobblestonefreeway #culturetours #culture #adventuretours #ukrainianculture #traveltoukraine #travelinspiration #ukiefashion

Variations of Ukrainian bridal costumes by Kateryna Biletina.

embroidered shirt and the back of the Sarafan. FolkCostume: The 5 types of Russian folk Costume (worth checking out the rest of the article)

A Slavic workshop of stylists and photographers called Treti Pivni have decided to bring back one of the more amazing Ukranian traditions by giving it a new meaning.

++ POLISH EMBROIDERY ++ Western Kraków folk - Modlnica, corset from 1924

Polish Folk Costumes - Bodice of the folk costume from Modlnica, Kraków.

Collection of folk costumes in the State Russian Museum. Russian costume of North. Collection of folk costumes in the State Russian Museum

Festive costume of an unmarried girl from the Northern provinces. Authentic specimen from the State Russian Museum

Костюм новобрачной    1870-1880-е гг. Вологодская губерния, Сольвычегодский уезд-Suit of bride    1870-1880-e gg. Vologda area, Solivychegodskiy district

kind of traditional Russian costume with traditional red embroidery and high apron over shirt and dress(skirt)