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Homemade Fly Spray (that really works!)

Homemade Fly Spray (that really works

My homemade fly spray will kick your homemade fly sprays. This easy and basic recipe is the most effective homemade fly spray that I've found.

Fly remedie

Keep flies away. Lemongrass on cotton balls in a mason jar also works. I put 3 drops on each cotton ball. 3 cotton balls per jar. No lid.

How to get rid of fruit flies, before AND after they enter your home

If You've Never Washed Your Fruit Before, You Will Now

Fruit flies are a disgusting reality of spring and summer. As soon as fresh produce hits the counters, so, too, come the fruit flies.

Easy way to keep those annoying flies awAy this summer &with out all the hassle

Spray this on outdoor patio stuff & it helps keep flying insects away! Great idea there's always flies hanging around my dogs

Natural mosquito & fly repellant

get a lemon {works stronger} or an orange and poke holes in it with either a skewer or a pen and pop cloves into the holes, put in a central place in the home and the flies AND mosquitoes will disappear.

Hometalk :: Home Made Fruit Fly Remedy

Home Made Fruit Fly Remedy

Effective fly repellant

Amazingly Effective, Nontoxic Fly Repellent

KEEP FLIES AWAY -zip lock baggies pinned to a post and half filled with .water, containing 4 - 6 pennies. Apparently it really works