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And this adventurous little floof. | 21 Fluffy Dogs Who Will Instantly Fill Your Cold Heart With Joy

21 Fluffy Dogs Who Will Instantly Fill Your Cold Heart With Joy

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Meet Simba. He's a Leonberger. - Imgur

Meet Simba. He's a Leonberger.

Meet Simba, a German mountain dog who belongs to a giant breed called "Leonberger". These magnificent creatures can weigh 170 pounds, but are incredibly disciplined, loyal, and gentle. I WOULD THINK WAY MORE THAN 170 POUNDS!

Chow-Chow, It is one of the ancient breeds and it was first seen in China.

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Chow-Chow puppy, It is one of the ancient breeds, originating in China. It has a large head, medium-sized body, curly tail and blue-black tongue. Its coat looks like that of a lion.

❤Baby Love❤ ~fluffy perfection: such a cute puppy photo! here to find out more

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This puppy is so cute! It looks fake but it is just adorable. I want one! Imagine this puppy even fluffier. I wonder what breed it is. It could possibly be a mix. I want to say it& a baby pomeranian but I don& know.

bernese mountain dog

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White cute fluffy puppy... would be practically invisible if not for those cute eyes of coal and that black button nose!

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