Colorful Flower Thigh Tattoo Design for Women

25 Badass Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Women

A guy once said to me 'Don't get a tattoo it's scary on women' - I showed him this pick and he smiled 'Ok- Tattoos like this are hot! I thought you meant a tramp stamp'- What do you take me for Mr?If I want a tramp stamp, I'll get one :D X

Black Flower Thigh Tattoo -

Roses are sexy flowers, but this thigh tattoo takes it to a next level. The rose is not only a beautiful flower, its also is so much more.

carnation flower thigh tattoo

Smaller concentrations, leaving a lot of light in the flower carnation flower thigh tattoo

Flower thigh tattoo-600

60 Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Thigh tattoo - more on the hip, with black eyed Suzannes (for md), it already has Lilly's of the valley, just need some dogwood flower and maybe hydrangeas. Love this!

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Peony flower thigh tattoo in Ink

These sexy thigh tattoo designs for women are among such tattoo ideas that definitely make your friends feel jealous when you enjoy a sun bath with