Brown is a color, too. Beautiful dried-flower slideshow from Gardenista.

Brown Is a Color

Brown Is a Color: Gardenista ~ it's time to embrace the idea that brown is a color, says Brooklyn garden shop owner Susanne Kongoy. She's spreading the message by filling her normally lush Brooklyn shop, GRDN, with dried flowers.

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Oasis floral foam shapes - balls, cylinders, tiles, flower wall, caged foam, cubes, spheres, cones, and garlands

OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife is used in our floral foam shapes for flower arranging and floral foam cages. It is the only floral foam proven to provide flower li

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Fall blooms offer many beautiful colors and vibrant arrangements. However, purchasing flowers from a store or flower shop that are already arranged can be expen

Drawers used to hold plants and decor. A great way to highlight your plants in the shop. Risers are so over used.

Wedding and Floral Event Styling from Planet Flowers: Jackie & Barry - Dundas Castle :

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