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Okay, all you Harry Potter obsessed (including me). I'm writing this while wearing my Ravenclaw shirt and a lightning bolt necklace (than.

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She is amazing & seriously underrated. I'm guilty too, y'all

She was also a Triwizard champion and she was pregnant during the final battle and she still fought right beside her family and friends! We need more Fleur Delacour's out there!

“ lilabeanz: “ bill weasley and fleur! aka the most intimidatingly attractive couple you’ll ever meet. see my second slideshow on sparklife! ” I never knew how much I needed ‘man-bun Bill’.

...and didn't care about his scars,

Community Post: 19 Reasons Fleur Delacour Is The Most Underrated "Harry Potter" Character

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Fleur Delacour is an amazing character. She is really very beautiful and could have anyone and for that reason people *cough* Molly Weasley *cough* thinks she is shallow but she really loves Bill and is a really awesome person.

Harry Potter - Fleur Delacour She was pretty rude at the Burrow, but no telling if she was provoked into it previously.

Fleur= Flawless. Not to mention that she put up with a lot of backhanded shit from Ginny and Molly Weasley.

I actually really like Fleur besides the fact that she is a snot in the fourth book beginning xD