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Fixed-Gear Bicycles by Factory Five

Beautiful classic fixed gear

The Fixed Gear Bikes Bel-Aire from State Bicycle Co. are very tough and nice looking Fixex Gear Bicycles perfect for short and medium bicycle distances through urban environment. Check out all the images of the Fixed Gear Bike Bel-Aire here!

Name: The November • Designer: Pure Fix Cycles • Description: "Featuring an alloy frame that fades from white to black and a reversible rear hub that allows you to switch between riding fixed gear and single speed, the bike arrives in the mail 90% assembled." — "November Fixed Gear Bicycle Bike by Pure Fix Cycles", (Retrieved: 18 July, 2014)

November Fixed Gear Bike

Pure Fix Cycles November Fixed Gear Bike: perfect for me since i can never decide between b or w

adidas x BOMBTRACK, Fixed Gear Bicycle

adidas x BOMBTRACK 2014 Street Crew Track Bike: adidas recently teamed up with BOMBTRACK to produce a limited run of fixed gear bikes. Featuring a muted two-tone green paint job, the bike incorporat.


Carhartt x Pelago Bicycle

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New Fixie Bike Charcoal Grey TShirt Fixed Gear by iheartanalogue

Fixie Bike TShirt Fixed Gear Bicycle Free Ship by iheartanalogue