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For Wyatt. Opposite effect for Eustace's scales. With lion claw scratch. shoulder and upper arm sleeve

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I need to get this as a teacher to show my students when they tell me they think mermaids are real. My red hair will totally convince them I'm Ariel.

Fish Scale Tattoo - ok, this doesn't fit the body at all, but this is the area i'd like tattoo

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Fish scale tattoo | BEBOP tattoo

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You may be surprised why people inked fish tattoos on their body. In fact fish has long intimacy with human being. It has a lot of symbolic meanings in many cultures across the history. In Christianity, the fish is a… Continue Reading →

I want something similar. Green scales (as Ariel from the Little Mermaid) but one of the scales is from the rainbow fish. The story being that the last scale that the Rainbow Fish gave away was to Ariel so that she would always remember to share her wealth with those less fortunate than her.

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Chronic Ink Tattoo, Toronto Tattoo -Half sleeve koi fish tattoo by Winson , Check out our face book page to see more Winson Art works ( Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop Toronto):