'precious fluke' ring 18ct gold with peridot, tourmaline, citrine, rhodolite, aquamarine and fire-opal. Kelvin J. Birk 2015

Kevin J. Birk 2015 'Precious Fluke' Ring Gold With Peridot Tourmaline Citrine Rhodolite Aquamarine And Fire-Opal.

Dragon's breath opal pendant. I love opals. Lovelovelove. not too fond of the chain tho

Dragon Breath Mexican Fire Opal Necklace in Jewellery & Watches, Handcrafted, Artisan Jewellery, Necklaces & Pendants

I really like this!

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A SET OF Five Colors Fire Opal Belly Button Ring ,Opal Navel Piercing,white opal, purple opal,green opal,pink opal,blue opal button ring

Five Colors Fire Opal Belly Button Ring Opal Navel Piercingwhite opal purple opalgreen opalpink opalblue opal button ring USD) by woodredrose